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Monthly Goals: August

Hey guys! So having been gone for the summer, I didn't post anything really but I'm back now and starting off with a monthly goals post! :) As usual I'll be seeing whether I accomplished my previous goals and then writing my new goals for the month down. I'll be using June's goals seeing as I missed out on July. June's Goals: - Post on each of my blogs at least twice a week - Finish writing at least half of my book - Be nice to my aunt and uncle - Catch up on Hannibal - Start watching Skins   Just to clarify I meant Skins UK. I've finished 4 seasons and am going to start season 5 soon. :) - Go book shopping   Check out my Book Haul here ! - Read and review all my NetGalley books that I've currently downloaded - Get some form of a tan  It was barely a tan but it was still something! - Enjoy my summer! So I think that was somewhat eventful. I feel proud to have crossed off so many items. Granted, they weren't hard but whatever. xD Anywa

Book Haul

Hey guys!!! So over the summer obviously I did a ton  of shopping. I mean, I wouldn't be me if I didn't do a bunch of shopping. So here's my little book haul. I feel like it should be a video, but I don't know. I'm way too nervous to go on YouTube. :P Let me know if you'd prefer if I did hauls and whatnot in the form of a video. I mean I suppose I could just upload my videos on here, but like I don't know... Anyways, here are the books I bought! :)

And I'm Back!

Hey guys! So I'm back from summer vacation! I've decided that over the summers I'm just not gonna blog. Like my vacation times simply because I'm so awful at doing it over the summer. I get so busy and distracted doing things and just enjoying my summer that I don't blog so I'm terribly sorry, but just a heads up but every summer I will not be blogging. At least until I graduate from high school, though it will most likely continue in university as well. I'm not sure though. Anyways, I'm back! So yay!!! I'll see you around. :) ~Sammy