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Review: Falling Into You by Jasinda Wilder

Hey guys!

I know I've been gone for ages and you're probably all sick of me leaving and coming back and leaving. I'm honestly sorry for it. Anyways, I recently read Falling Into You by Jasinda Wilder so here's the review.

I found this book really interesting. I was glued to the story. Recently, I've been going through reader's block. Is that a real thing? xD Anyways, I've been struggling to read - no idea why - and this book has got me back into it! I literally read the entire thing in a day. It is quite short and fast paced if I do say so myself. However, I still found it well written.
I especially loved the beginning. It all seems perfect, but obviously everything falls apart, the reader already knew Kyle was going to die so it's not some grand surprise or anything. However his death was written extremely well in my opinion. I really enjoyed it. I know, that may seem weird for me to like such a depressing scene, but in all honesty I think it may just be my favorite scene in the book. xD
After his death, everything seemed to be going in fast forward to me. It was a bit too rushed to be realistic in my opinion but I still really enjoyed it. There was also a huge gap in the story between the funeral and moving to New York, but it doesn't really matter and didn't really affect the story to me.
Kyle is such a sweet character. His death honestly upset me, because for the world to lose someone so sweet and amazing is just so unfair. Also, with Nell being so emotional and upset over his death, it caused me to also be so upset. He was only in the book for the beginning, but Jasinda did an amazing job at building and developing his character.
Nell is so strong. She doesn't think so, most people probably wouldn't think so either but she really is. Who wouldn't break down after going through what she went through? I certainly would. I wouldn't be able to handle it. She didn't try to kill herself, she did what she could to go through life bearing the pain and coping. So she could've done a better job, it doesn't matter. She did what she felt was right.
Colton, is such a pained and beautiful character. He's gone through so much in life. I feel so sorry for him - yes I'm pitying him even though I hate pity. He's so sweet and helped Nell out so much. Okay, I see the whole he's Kyle's brother argument, but so what?! Kyle's dead. They both need to move on with their lives.
I'm giving this book a 4. It was beautifully written and had an amazing story with amazing characters, but it was still quite fast paced after Kyle's death and I can see why people wouldn't like that.
What makes this book different from all others? And why should anyone care?
 This book is indeed really similar to so many YA books where the guy dies and the girl is left there crying and heartbroken. However, unlike those books, this book focuses on her life after his death. It focuses on her recovery and moving on. It doesn't focus on the before part like so many books simply to end on the death.
Did this book meet my high expectations?
Honestly, I don't know why but I wasn't expecting it to be that good at all actually. So it definitely surpassed my expectations.
Would I recommend this book and to who?
Yes. I'd recommend this book to those who need a good tearjerker story.



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