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Review: 3:AM Kisses by Addison Moore

Hey guys!

So, instead of reviewing for my IGCSE English exam (which is in less than an hour now), I have been reading 3:AM Kisses by Addison Moore and I will be spending the rest of the time doing three things:
1. Writing this review
2. Freaking out
3. Scrambling for all my utensils
Anyways, seeing as I literally just finished reading the book, here is my review! I hope you enjoy the review and wish me luck on my exam. :)

This was another quick-ish? read. I took longer than a day but not as long as a whole week. Anyways, I found it very interesting. Far more uplifting than the previous two books that I've read which are full of death and depression.
When I first bought this book, I wasn't so sure about whether I'd like it or not but I figured I might as well give it a shot right? Turns out, I did enjoy it. The story was interesting. I'm not much for the sappy romance novels at the moment, but it wasn't too bad. There was far less sap than Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (loved that book even though it was packed to capacity full of sappiness - no joke).
I thought that Baya and Bryson's feelings for each other had developed far too quick. I mean there was a lot of the use of the word "love" and I'm sorry but they seriously just met. I mean come on. They've barely known each other and suddenly they're in love?! That's quite unrealistic. Okay, the I'm falling for you stuff is understandable. You're developing strong feelings, it's all good. But they couldn't have possibly developed that fast, you know? But it's still totally cute and I definitely ship them. Sensing my conflicting feelings about this? Yes I sort of do have some.
Baya is such an innocent character. But she isn't overly innocent that it gets annoying so it's okay. She's also witty and hilarious especially when chilling with Roxy and Laney. Her overall awkwardness in her new situations which she encounters with Bryson is honestly so hilarious and true to life. I mean, when it's her first love and you're meeting his family and you've got sex full in your mind, you're going to do something embarrassing and awkward. It's just bound to happen.
Bryson is an amazing guy. He's that whole rough exterior, melting sweetheart on the insides sort of dream guy. He's had a rough past (which finally gets explained in the end of the book just so you know) which built up this rough exterior. The tally marks of girls he's slept with is simply a way to cope with what he's been through.
Cole's a nice brother and is indeed overly protective of Baya. However, it's simply because he cares about her and is trying to be the fatherly figure that she needs. He plays a large role in the book even though he, himself, doesn't appear that often. His character is developed very well.
I give this book a 4/5 because I feel like it could have been better, but I still really liked and enjoyed reading it.
What makes this book different from all others? And why should anyone care?
It's sappy and interesting, yet not too sappy if that makes sense. It's just a nice chick flick story.
Did this book meet my high expectations?
Yes. It went beyond my expectations, seeing as they weren't that high for this one.
Would I recommend this book and to who? 
I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to read something romantic and sweet.



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