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Book Blitz: My Heart Is Yours by Amanda Leigh

Hey guys!

Welcome to another book blitz. There's a giveaway at the end.

About the Book:
Title: My Heart Is Yours
Author: Amanda Leigh
Publication Date: May 18, 2015
Pages: 169

Book Description:
Samantha Marie Ramsden has three brothers. Craig, John and Matt. When tragedy strikes their family, Craig takes on the task of becoming his siblings legal guardian. It’s hard enough being someone’s guardian, but when you’ve only recently entered adulthood yourself it’s almost impossible to know where to draw the line between sibling and ‘parent’.

This is made even harder on him when Sam starts to get close to a long time friend, Jason. It looks like their friendship could turn into something more. An idea that Craig has never been too happy with. Spanning six years, My Heart is Yours explores family, friendship, love and much more. As well as asking the question: Would you defy family for love?

Hey! Johns voice echoed through the house. Damn it! Sam grinned to herself; John did the same thing every time he got home from work. Hed swing open the door, scream Hey! then stub his toe on the dark brown wooden coffee table and curse under his breathe. Hed done the same thing every weekend since Sam was fourteen. Thats when he got his part time job at the deli about four blocks away from their house. He kept half of his pay; the other half went to paying the bills.
What are you doin? Matt asked as he walked into their small kitchen/dining room.
Craig and I are making dinner. Which means you and John get to do the dishes.
Matts face fell into a frown, doing dishes was his least favorite chore. His baby fat hadnt all gone away yet, so his face still had that slightly round shape. Matt was a little more pale than the rest of them. His eyes were sky blue and thoughtful. The eyes of a dreamer. He had light brown hair with dirty blonde highlights; it was a little long. When their mom was still alive she would always beg him to get it cut. (He rarely did).
Hey, baby sis! John said as his slightly tan hand messed up Sams hair. Sam grinned an amused and frustrated grin. Baby sis, thats what John always called her. Even though she constantly reminded him he was only about a year older than her.

  • If I Aint Got You - Alicia Keys
  • Open Arms - Mariah Carey (originally by Journey)
  • You and Me - Lifehouse
  • Nothing Without Love - Nate Ruess
  • Ill Be - Edwin McCain
  • Iris - The GooGoo Dolls
  • With Eyes Wide Open - In Flames
  • Cant Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley
  • Are You Lonesome Tonight - Elvis Presley
  • Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley
  • Youve Lost That Loving Feeling - Elvis Presley
  • I Want To Hold Your Hand - The Beatles
  • Earth Angel - The Penguins
About the Author:

Amanda Leigh graduated with a BA in English and Communications and a double minor in Psychology and Creative Writing. During college, she worked on the literary magazine and loved every minute of it. She adores cats and has one named Sawyer - named after one of her favorite characters in Lost. Amanda enjoys reading, writing avidly in a journal, writing poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction, cooking, listening to music, singing, swimming and art - particularly photography. Amanda is a bit of a chocoholic and is slightly obsessed with office supplies. She has many ideas for stories so keep an eye out for more work from her. 

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