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Review: Requiem by Lauren Oliver

Hey guys!

I just finished reading Requiem by Lauren Oliver. Here's my review:


Okay first off and foremost what the fuck what on earth kind of ending was that?! She's got to be kidding me on this being the finale! I just cannot stand for it. It's ridiculous. It's absurd! That was not an ending. Well it was, but not an ending ending. All the questions I still have! Agh! Yes, it was a beautiful ending, but it could've been so much better. Come on Lauren! I know you can do better than that! I just want to know if he finds her or not! And what happens to Hana?! Couldn't you have put in an epilogue or something?
Well throughout the book it was still fabulous, and I'm so glad that I read it. Plus at the end, after the story, there's a short story about Alex which I'm about to go read! :D Yay! I thought you had to like buy it as a separate copy, but nope. I was really upset thinking that I'd never get to read Alex, but I was wrong. This is one of the few times that I'm glad that I'm wrong.
Okay, so here's the thing about Julian and Alex. Both are amazing. I found it impossible to decide for part of the time at least. At the end of Pandemonium I was completely team Julian! And during the beginning of Reqiuem as well, but now I'm full on team Alex! Somewhere along the lines, I just changed my mind. And for you guys in team Julian, I think you'll do the same... By the way, Alex isn't as awful as he appears to be.
And oh my god! Annabel! Well, Bee! You're amazingly cold! I love you. Honestly, I expected her to be super warm and sweet, but the fact the she is though is still cold and tough at the same time is just beautiful! She's bittersweet! :') I wish I knew her. And she just reminds me so much of Raven.
Raven just makes me tear up. She's an amazing person and I love her name. Man, I wish I had a mom like her.
Lena, let me tell you something. You are so lucky! Julian & Alex?! Pfft, I got no one girl! Then you got Raven and Bee?! Plus Tack?! Why do you feel like your life isn't awesome?! I would die for your life give or take the fight for survival.
Anyways, I'm gonna give this a 4/5 just because I felt like that wasn't a proper ending and that it didn't do the story justice. Even though I'm super pleased with how it ended, I'm just not. Okay... I'm contradicted myself now... I just love but hate it at the same time!
What makes this book different from all others? And why should anyone care? This book is about a world where love is illegal and where it's a 'disease'. I've never read a book about that before. People should care, because that'll finally know what it's like to live in a world without love. Those people, lol me, who say they're loners and no one loves them and all still won't understand what not having any love is like and reading this you'll realize that you're wrong and people do love you. Even if it's just your mother's love, that's still so important.
Did this book meet my high expectations? Well yes, but no. The story did, but the ending didn't.
Would I recommend this book and to who? Yes, to all those who need a new series please read the Delirium series! Or if you started it, please finish it.



  1. Thanks for stopping by & checking out my fairytale fashions post! I actually had this same layout when I started blogging :)

    I've actually been meaning to finish up this series, but I haven't made it to Pandemonium yet.

    1. You're welcome. And really?! That's so cool! A lot of people start off with similar layouts. :P

      You should definitely finish the series. :D


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