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Hey guys! I just joined Shvoong! Shvoong is this awesome place where you can read and write reviews to earn money. Feel free to join here . :D ~Sammy

Review: Requiem by Lauren Oliver

Hey guys! I just finished reading Requiem by Lauren Oliver . Here's my review:

Smashwords' Read an Ebook Week

Hey guys! Smashwords is having a special sale from March 2nd (today) until March 8th. There are tons of free ebooks & ebooks on sale! Check it out here . I'm gonna go get some books. :) I'll post a list of the books I got once I'm done. ~Sammy

Review: Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore

Hey! Here's another review that I finished a while ago and just left sitting here without publishing it. :P Sorry again.

Review: Wonderland Volume 3 by Raven Gregory

Hey guys! I finished Wonderland Volume 3 awhile ago. I don't know why I didn't post this sooner. The review has just been sitting here. :P Sorry guys. I know I haven't been active at all lately. Anyways here it is!

Valetine's Day Offers

Hey guys! I know, I know. I've been absent for awhile now. But I'm back! And I have a bunch of reviews stacked up ready for me to publish. :D I also have great news for everyone in India. :) Flipkart  is having a Valentine's Day Sale! :D Everyday this entire month. Today's deal of the day is  50% off jewelry . You should all go check it out! I'll come back tomorrow and tell you guys what that deal of the day is. :) Stay tuned! ~Sammy