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Looking For Alaska by John Green Review

Hey guys!

So I had read Looking For Alaska like a week or two ago... Anyways here's my review. I'm sorry I'm only posting it now.


Ok.. May I just say, I love John Green's books! On my list of favorite authors he's #2. Making that list is impossible! Honestly, I only got Cassandra Clare as #1 and him as #2. I gave up after that. x) But seriously, he's amazing! I absolutely adore his books.
The first book I read by him was The Fault In Our Stars. Since I had loved that book, I had decided to try another one of his books. I was thrilled to find out that Looking For Alaska was in my library since I actually had been meaning to read that book for a long time. I borrowed the book right away and set to reading. I'm pleased to say that this book did not disappoint me. It was utterly amazing. I think it's so awesome how he can come up with all these ideas. The whole thing was so cool. I especially love the prank at the end of the book. x) Also, I love the structure of the book. Like how it say ___ days before and what not. So I kinda had to continue reading just to find out what will happen, especially since my "deadly sin" (I suppose you could put it like that) is curiosity. I can't let things go because I'm too curious to find out more facts! I always butt into others' businesses even though I know I shouldn't. I'm just to darn curious as to what's going on! Anyways I thought that it was very original and cool. :)
At first I thought Pudge would be a boring guy, but he's actually really hilarious. I mean he seems so innocent and what not (like not know about b***jobs). It's just quite hilariously weird. x) I thought he would be completely awful compared to Gus. Turns out he's a pretty great guy. Not as amazing as Gus, but still completely awesome.
Alaska is such an interesting character. I love the story behind her name. And she's such a deep person. The story about her mother is so sad! Nobody should have to go through that. I feel awful that her father blames her. She was just a kid! D: And since her father blamed her, she blames herself and all. It's just so cruel. I get the whole thing about a kid knowing how to call 911 and whatnot but in a moment of panic you don't always know what to do. :/ Though she ended up being an incredibly cool girl.
There were several other amazing characters as well but I'm not going to go into an in depth explanation as to why I love them. I have to applaud John Green for making the characters seem so realistic though. It is truly amazing. Anyways I'm gonna give this book a 5/5. :)
What makes this book different from all others and why should anyone care? This book is just so original and amazing. As far as I've seen there is no other book like this one.
Did this book meet my high expectations?  It definitely did. Like I said in my review, it surpassed my expectations.
Would I recommend this book and to who? Yes. To all John Green fans (though I suspect you would've read this by now then) and to people who like to read contemporary books.



  1. This book gave me a hangover when it ended. I now want everyone I know and everyone who matters to read it. Its really enriching because it blends in all the components of self deprecating humour rightly angled. It's funny and it's opaque, its a lot like Catcher in the Rye but Rye never gave me a hangover. I don't miss Rye as much as I miss this book. A definite modern day classic. Watch out for the Eagle. This could be the best y.a.f in a while.

    1. It gave me a hangover too. However, I don't think it's the best in a while. I do agree it's one of the best but I don't think it's at the top of the list. I'm glad you really liked it though. John is an amazing writer. I can't wait until his next book is released.


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