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City of Bones Movie Review

Hey guys! So I watched the City of Bones movie last week with a fellow bookworm. We are both obsessed with the shadowhunter world. And here is what I thought of it. Enjoy!


When the movie started my buddy and I were freaking out. And it was amazing. Better than I imagined actually since movies tend to ruin the books I thought it would be awful. But it was amazing. Obviously they had to let people know about some things that were supposed to happen later in the series because it's a movie and the Hollywood junk with incest and what not. But nevertheless it was amazing. The actors turned out to be amazing. I loved Robert Sheehan, Jamie Campbell Bower, and Kevin Zegers. They fit the characters so perfectly. Lily Collins even did an amazing job. Though her description isn't quite how I imagined Clary to be. Luke isn't how I imagined him to look either, but it still worked. I love the scene in front of Clary's room where Simon interrupts them. It was so perfect. Clary said, "We were just kissing." Then Jace replied, "Just kissing? How quickly you dismiss our love." And he said the line so perfectly. I just loved it. And the music was amazing. I'm obsessed with the song 17 Crimes by AFI. And Magnus Bane. FABULOUS! When he walks out in a shirt and underwear. Hilarious. It's just so him. :')
I'll give this 4/5 because it could've been better but it was still utterly amazing.


Let me know what you thought of the movie if you saw it yet. :)



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