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Gaurdian of the Gate Review

Hey guys! A few nights ago I finished Guardian of the Gate. But I never got around to posting the review for it, so here it is. :D Enjoy!


I loved Guardian of the Gate. It's been a long time since I've read the Prophecy of the Sisters Trilogy. Well, I've only read up to this book. Hopefully I can finish the last book soon. It's sitting on my book shelve. ^_^
Michelle Zink is an amazing writer and should really be recognized more. She has amazing ideas! This story is so original. I loved it. I've never dreamed of such a thing. I mean the island is beautiful and I actually wish it were real. I'd be freaked out on the boat ride there though. The forest, I'd be fine in. Sure having those things chase after me was creepy, but I'm even more terrified of the water. Bad things happen there. I'm a swimmer, but I've known bad things that have. Her style is great and she really makes the words come to life.
Lia is so brave and I actually look up to her. Well, she's one of the book characters that I look up to. I look up to more fictional characters than most real people. She's just so brave and strong. Plus she has a fear of water like I do. So I feel like I can relate to her. I was crying when Aunt Abigail died. Poor Lia. How can she bear it? I couldn't even bear it. And I'm not even a relative of Abigail!
Alice... Well Alice is just plain creepy. I'm just saying. She is really creepy. I know she's grown up with those souls teaching her to be that way. But she's just scary. After all that's shes done in the first book.. Gosh. I just want to kill her! How could she do that?! No one with a sane mind would do that! I understand she was doing it because of the souls, but seriously! At least she was smart enough to apologize to Lia. But honestly? She can't expect Lia to ever forgive her for that murder. If you have read the first book in this series, then you know exactly what we're talking about.
Dimitri is amazing! I love him! What's up with the name Dimitri? There are so many guys that I end up crushing on with the name 'Dimitri'! Whatever. On to Dimitri Markov. He's just amazing! I love how he keeps helping her. He is a very complicated character with several twists. I hope everything works out with him and Lia. :D
Oh Sonia, Sonia, Sonia. What happened my dear? I know you already explained it. But that was just so sad! To have that happen to her! Out of all people. She's just so strong. Well at least the sisters have helped her. I'm so glad to hear of her recovery.
Well. As you can tell, I loved this book. I'm giving it five out of five.
Does this book reach my high expectations? Yep it does! :D
Would I recommend this book? And to who? I'd definitely recommend it. To anyone who'd enjoy an adventure mixed with romance. Also YA and paranormal. But don't forget to read the first book first. ^_^



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