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IMM #3 & Stacking The Shelves #1

Hey guys! Here is this weeks In My Mailbox which is hosted by Kristi from The Story Siren and Stacking The Shelves which is hosted by Tynga from Tyngas Reviews.

For Review:


                       Cinder by Marissa Meyer



  1. I can't decide if I want to read Cinder or not. I love fairytale retellings, but I'm not really into sic-fi. But I hear it is amazing.

    I hope you enjoy it, and your other books. Happy reading :)

    1. Oh yeah. I wasn't too sure whether I should get Cinder or not either since I'm not that big of a fan of sci-fi either, but I did get it. And I found out I love Cinder.

      Thank you. :)

  2. Great mailbox! I read Cinder and really enjoyed it and am actually reading the sequel, Scarlet right now!

    Here's my Mailbox

  3. Hope you enjoy Cinder,I heard a lot of great things about it!I haven't got around to reading it yet.

    Terra sounds like a great book too!

    Happy Reading!My STS is over here

    1. Thank you! :) So far it's been fun.

      I haven't read much of Terra, but what I have read of it is amazing! :D

      Happy Reading!

    2. Thanks for stopping by my STS,Sammy!

      And the answer to your question - Amazon sometimes has free kindle ebooks an these are called Kindle freebies.There are lots of freebies on Amazon each week and I love them-Totally Addicting! :D

    3. No problem.

      Oh my gosh! Really? I didn't know that. How do you find out what books are free?

  4. Cinder was absolutely amazing! It was the best fairytale retelling I've ever read. I hope you enjoy all of your books this week. :D

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  5. I still have not read Cinder! It sounds like such a great book. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to it!

    1. Yeah, I really enjoyed it. :) I hope you get around to it one day.


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