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Hey guys!

I went and did a little shopping today! Yay! I got new books for tomorrow. So, there is definitely gonna be an IMM. So keep close tomorrow and you'll see what I've got, cause you know I'll right a review on it. Umm... I bought a bunch of school supplies, swimming stuff, and 2 sketch books! So more art.

My shipment from moving still hasn't arrived - that sucks. But when it does, I'll have more books that I haven't read yet of course, but the main thing is that I'll have my measuring stuff! What? Why on Earth would that be more important than books? Well, I'll tell you. I'm making a portfolio on NEXT models! Yay!!!!! I'm soooo excited. So, if they like me - and that's only an if - then I'll become a model! I'm super duper incredibly superbly excited. AHHHH!!!!! I am literally squelling/screaming my head off and jumping up and down in my chair right now at the thought of it. I might get up and start dancing. Who knows? I hope…

Excuses, excuses...

Hey guys!

Sorry, I've been away for quite some time. I started school last week so I'm incredibly busy at the moment. But I'm back now. Yay! This post is called 'Excuses, excuses...' because I feel like I'm just making up a bunch of excuses to feed you guys, but I'm not! Please believe me. I beg of you. I keep saying, it's school, it's vacation, it's my parents - did I ever actually say that? whatever -, I'm reading, I'm drawing, etc. Maybe it's just the fact that I'm too lazy? Well, now it's true! I'm seriously too busy because the school year started. You guys believe me right? Please say something! Bare with me. Thank you. I have so much to say and stuff, but I need go before my mom comes and kills me for not being in bed. ~ Meant in a figurative way not literal.


New-ish books

Hey guys!

Okay, I should so do this in IMM, but one won't be here anymore by Monday and the others are oldish. :P I got them a few weeks ago and am gonna read them now! Yay! hahaha.

The first one (library book) won't be here any more and I'll finish it tonight! It's called Fairest by Gail Carson Levine. I think I'll have the review up tomorrow, but maybe not because I'm going on a tour of Bangalore/Bangaluru and then having a picnic for lunch. xD Love picnics!

The others that I've had for a while are:
Beauty and the BeastAlice In WonderlandThe Secret GardenThrough The Looking Glass All wonderful and beautiful historical beauties. :) Can't wait to read, finish, and write reviews for them! Woo hoo!

~ Sammy