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The Goddess Test Review

Hey guys! I finished reading The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter last night and so here's my review! :) Of course, now I want the next book in the series. I'm just dieing to read what's next, but I can't get it yet. At least I have time to read other books for now. At the moment I am currently reading The City of Bones. Glad I can finally read this. :P Oh and I finished The Van Alen Legacy! Yay! hehe >.<

Book Cover:

This book was so interesting and fun. It made me want to study Greek mythology again, not that I ever stopped wanting to. It just boosted my love for Greek mythology. It even caused me to gain a  new favorite god! Hades! It used to be Zeus, then Poseidon, and now Hades. Haha the main three! :P I used to absolutely hate Hades, but then I started to like him and now look what's happened! He just bumped up to #1 on my favorite gods and goddesses lists. Woo hoo! You go Hades! hahaha.

I would've never guessed what the 7 tests were. I had absolutely no idea. Kate is so smart to be able to figure it out. Henry is so brave to tell her what one of them are - don't worry, my lips are sealed! Just telling her could've ruined everything. Then again not telling her could've caused her to fail... So, I guess he did the right thing by telling her! :P Man, there are so many risks.

It's a good thing that the council decided to remain hidden and blend in until she finished the tests or she would've freaked right there on the spot in front of everyone. Well, she may not have freaked. Okay, she probably would've since she was already so nervous and forgot to breathe when she was at the door!

Kate is so kind and brave. I mean, gosh. How could she not break down? First her mom is dieing. Then she witnesses the death of Ava and her coming back to life, find out she is supposed to try to take Persephone's place, having to say goodbye to her good friend James, then to have Ava die again and said to not be able to come back to life, then meeting Ava at Eden Manor, then the murder that there was, trying to pass the tests, dieing, coming back to life, saying goodbye to her mom, facing the council (the 14 main Greek gods and goddesses), and several other things! How is it she is still going! She really sure does push herself to the limit. She is so strong to be able to do that!

Calliope.. Wow. Just wow. She sure is full of surprises, isn't she? I wasn't sure what she was. Was she a muse or just some poor girl who died? The reason for my confusion is that Calliope is the name of a muse. The muse's domain is epic poetry. Now, it's silly of me to think that but I just love muses so much that when I read her name I got all excited hoping she was a muse. They never did talk about muses in there so I decided she was just a dead human somewhere along the road. She sure is smart like the muse. Calliope, the muse, is supposed to be the smartest of the muses.

The fact that she knew everyone who was on the council really bugged me. Especially who Demeter, Aphrodite, and Hera were. But it was alright I suppose. I'm surprised she could figure out who Hades and Demeter were. It was kinda obvious who Poseidon and Zeus were. After hearing what Aphrodite said about whether or not she passed Aphrodite's test, I'm surprised Kate still didn't know that she was Aphrodite.


Did this book reach my high expectations? Yeah. It did great. There are flaws though, but it was still an excellent story.

Would I recommend this book and to who? Sure I would. I'd recommend it to people who enjoy reading about Greek mythology, YA books, and romance.

Alright! Bye!


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