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My Soul To Take Review

Hey guys!
Like I said in the review for The City of Bones, I finished My Soul To Take! Yay! Hahaha. Well, here is the review that  I promised to you. Wait... Did I promise? No, I didn't. So, here's the review I told you about. ;)

Book Cover:

This book was thrilling and exciting. It introduced a new kind of creature. Well at least I've never heard of them. :) They're called... bean sidhes! Cool huh? Wanna know they do or are like? Well you gotta read this series. Hahaha. I'm not gonna spill the beans.

Kaylee (love that name hehe) is so strong. Having that scream itching it's way up her throat and trying to force it out of her must be so hard to contain. Yet, she does somehow. And seeing those. Those.... Things. How does she bare it?! It's freaky! And she is so forgiving. With what her dad has done to her. Yeah, I'd probably forgive him too. And that awful guilt she must feel. The guilt of letting those people die. Now, to add the blame of her mother's death to that gut renching guilt of the rest could just destroy you. But she survives. Of course everyone denies that it is her fault. She still can't help but blame herself. I feel awful for her. Then again she is the typical YA heroine. Sassy, strong, brave, and with an awful tragic past. Plus a ton of guilt and blame.

Nash. Oh Nash. How I fall for you. hehehe. Who wouldn't? Just read the book and you'd understand. Nash the wonderful. Nash the understanding. Nash the brave. Nash the best! OK, OK. I just made all that up. But seriously, all those words describe him. I'm not joking! He's perfect! He's wonderful. He's the typical male lead in a YA book.

Aiden. You are soooo right! You shouldn't have ever, EVER abandoned Kaylee! How dare you?! You had 16 years to make it all right. SIXTEEN! But the only reason you chose now was because Aunt Val forced you to. How could you?! What kind of father are you?! Why on EARTH would you do that?! Good heavens you're so.... so.... Ugh! Gosh. Why? Why'd you think like that? *sobbing/begging* Why'd you leave her? She was your miracle. You said so yourself. You practically just threw away her mom and your wife's sacrifice. Why? Why?

*sniffs and wipes away tears* Well, as you can see from my little dramatic breakdown ^up there^, I loved it a lot. Maybe too much. No, there's no such thing as too much love. Never ever ever. Good job  Rachel Vincent. That is all have to say to you. Good job.

Did this book meet my high expectations? Yes it did. Actually, I didn't know what to expect from this book. I had absolutely no idea. But it was great. ^_^
Would I recommend this and to who? Yes I would. Like Kirkus Reviews said, Twilight fans will love this. Um... So aside for Twilight fans, I'd say romance, paranormal, and YA fans. Hm... that seems to be who most of my recommendations are for. I'll be fixing that soon. I promise. :)

That's it for now. Good reading! hehe. Never said that before. :P


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