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Little Update


So first off, the boxes are on their way to India right now. So... Um.. Yeah... Everythings gone! (Except for what I'm taking with me on the plane - ex. clothes, some art supplies ^_^, books, etc.)

Next, I've been writing! Well, ofcourse I'm always writing. :P But I've been posting stories here. Hehe. I've been entering contests and stuff. Anyways be part of my SW/AP family? Just send me a message there. Oh and you need an account. :P In case you didn't know.... SW - StoryWrite.... AP - AllPoetry. Yes, I write poems too! >.<

Next is..... ART! Yay! hahaha. So about art... I've been drawing a TON recently. Sadly I shipped my printer/scanner so I can't scan them and post em. :( But here's a little preview of what you can expect to be seen. It's a lot of OCs.. New ones too! I'll tell you their names. hehe. So there's Juliet (the heartbreaker haha), Taylor (the writer), and Will (the uh... yeah book nerd?). There'll be more. :P This picture only shows some of the drawings. :) Excited? Let me know.

Kitty surrounded by fairies, A couple, and Juliet writing a 'Dear John' letter. :P

Next is another OC, but she'll be in another series... I think... Yes. She'll be in another series. Her name is... Ruby. Tell  me what you think! I JUST drew her! hehehe
She could use some editing, who agrees?

Ok, next.... Oh right! I got this! I absolutely ADORE it! :P My name writing Taylor Swift's handwriting! EKK! I know it's probably not that big of a deal for you guys, but it's HUGE to me. :)
Um... Next is I just bought two new things! Woo Hoo! hahaha. I don't really buy new things that often or talk about it, but I have to talk about this. The first thing is what I have to talk about. I don't really care about the second, but still love it. hehe. So the first is...... SPEAK NOW WORLD TOUR DVD + CD! Ekkk! I'm listening to the CD right now actually. :P Can you believe Taylor is coming out with a NEW fragrance! This is the second chapter in the Wonderstruck story, hahaha. This is one is called, "Wonderstruck Enchanted". Just lovely. :) Ok, now back to what I bought. The second thing is a PS3 game called Alice Madness Returns. :D

Ok, I think that should be it... If I think of anything else I'll tell you. :) Bye!



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