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100 things to draw project

Hey guys!

I have this little problem... I never know what to draw! Well, I do sometimes. But rarely do. So here's  a little project I'm doing. I'll draw all these 100 things:

1. Zombies on parade
2. A Very Bad Fairy
3. Rejected Beanie Babies
4. Goldilocks and The Three Penguins
5. Thursday Addams
6. Vampires in a mall
7. Rapunzel’s first hair cut
8. Spock in love
9. Pencils have feelings, too
10. Marie Antoinette drunk
11. When shoes attack
12. Goth prom
13. Ice Princess in the summer
14. Mr. Potato Arm
15. Snow White’s new dwarves (Pushy? Hypochondriac? Brainless? Ruthless? Raggedy?)
16. William Shakespeare in the circus
17. Square Dance Cuties
18. Angry old man
19. Lumberjack in a leotard
20. Day of the Dead soap opera
21. Dancing banana
22. Soccer moms gone bad
23. Glamour Don’t
24. Food with a face
25. Little girl with a pet monster
26. Kitten Conductors
27. Renaissance Faire rejects
28. Two-headed man
29. Fabulous mustache
30. Bad hair day
31. Cereal killer
32. Teeny little super hero
33. Smoking baby
34. Girl with antlers
35. Tiny Tiny head
36. Blind date disaster
37. Juggling something unexpected
38. Costume party
39. Organ grinder
40. Bigfoot loves prom
41. Sexy Halloween costume
42. Bad dancer
43. Elf vs Gnome
44. Sacred hearts
45. Why I’m afraid to go in the ocean (and other undersea creatures)
46. The thing under my bed
47. Birds in Hats
48. The kissing booth
49. Bigger isn’t always better
50. 12 days of Christmas ‘strange style
51. Those who love striped socks
52. Cavewomen
53. Sickeningly cute baby animals
54. Snowman Soccer
55. Rainbows revisited
56. Eyeballs
57. A robot in love
58. Frankensein and Bride of Frankenstein in couples counseling
59. Tattoo Art
60. Gnaked Gnomes
61. Venus Fly Traps
62. Demonic toddlers
63. Creepy faces
64. Octopus with a cold
65. Two jellyfish fighting over a hotdog
66. Zombie in Love
67. Wanna Be Guitar Hero
68. Eyeball Flowers
69. Robot on the beach
70. Cute sushi
71. Mimes getting ready to rumble
72. Chicken wearing fishnets
73. One eyed girl
74. Zombie cupcakes
75. Big Man, Little Hat
76. Little Man, Big Hat
77. Dancing Fool
78. Sugar Skulls for any holiday
79. Asparagus conga line
80. Gothic Fairy Tale
81. Outdated robot
82. Aliens having coffee
83. Frankenstein reading a self help book
84. Girl with a pet fuzzball
85. Monster grilled cheese
86. Eyeball tree
87. Irregular Arms
88. Lunch Lady Karaoke
89. Angry hula dancer
90. Dancing Queen
91. Jar full of….(anatomical hearts, ponies, naval lint, etc.)
92. Man Bites Dog
93. Bad puppet
94. Krampus pays a visit
95. Rowdy Royals
96. Babies in a cheerleading pyramid
97. A ballerina’s lunch
98. Alice in Thunderdome
99. Mad scientist
100. Cheese snob

Wish me luck! You can do this too! If you are gonna, well... Good Luck! :P
Here's the link I got the list from:

(Quote of the day)
People who claim that they're evil are usually no worse than the rest of us... It's people who claim that they're good, or any way better than the rest of us, that you have to be wary of.
~ Gregory Maguire, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked


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