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First comment!

Hey guys! So, today I came onto blogger to find out.... Some one commented! hahaha, I know, it's probably not that big of a deal but to me it is. It's my first comment I've received! AHHH! I'm so happy. FABR Steph  was the person who commented! Woohoo! So you should go check her out for being awesome and kind! :P Um... She commented on my post, Meaning of Flowers . So comment and maybe I'll post something about you later. Ok, you know I will, because I get so excited when someone comments, or looks/reads, or follows my blog. Of course after awhile, I'll stop this because I can't post something for every single comment I receive. But I'll be posting about them for quite some time! I'll respond too. xD All my love, ~Sammy

Meaning of Flowers

Hey Guys! I found this and I just had to share it with you guys. It's the meaning of flowers. This will also be helpful to know if you read my book Scarlet Gray's Life which is to come out soon. x) Alstroemeria aspiring Amaryllis dramatic Anemone fragile Apple Blossom promis Aster contentment Azalea abundance Baby's Breath festivity Bachelor Button anticipation Begonia deep thoughts Black-Eyed Susan encouragement Camellia graciousness Carnation pink gratitude red flashy striped refusal white remembrance yellow cheerful Chrysanthemum bronze excitement white truth red sharing yellow secret admirer Cosmos peaceful Crocus foresight Daffodil chivalry Delphinium boldness Daisy innocence Freesia spirited Forget-Me-Not remember me forever Gardenia joy Geranium comfort Ginger proud Gladiolus strength of character Heather solitude Hibiscus delicate beauty Holly domestic happiness Hyacinth sincerity Hydrangea perseverance Iris inspiration

A Lick of Frost Review

Hey guys! I finished reading A Lick Of Frost by Laurell K. Hamilton last night, so here's my review for it. Spoiler Alert! A Lick of Frost is an exciting, thrilling book. There are some sex scenes though, so I suggest younger readers not to read this. Or if you just don't really like or feel comfortable reading those sort of scenes then this isn't the right book for you to read. Laurell did a great job at describing and creating the story. I loved it. Princess Merry is such a brave young girl. It was a great experience slipping into her skin and going through what she went through. She went through many sad things, but there were also happy moments. Sadly they whenever something happy happened something sad happened. Doyle, or darkness, is an amazing character. He's so brave and strong and wonderful. He understands Merry so well and will do great as one of her husbands, children's fathers, and king. I have to agree with Merry in favoring him. Frost. Oh Frost.

Summer, new art, fashion, writing, etc.

Hey guys! I haven't been posting much, so here's an update on my little life. So, school finally ended yesterday! Today is the official first day of summer vacation for me! So excited! *jumps on to you and gives you a bear hug while squeling* There is a down side to ended this year though, I'm moving to India! :O No, I'm not sad that I'm moving to India . The problem is that I'll never see my friends that are here ever again. I love India, so please don't get me wrong about that. Also, on the last day of school I wimped out and didn't tell Hussam that I love him. :( People *cough cough* Hira (friend) *cough* kept telling me that he likes someone else and not me. So I was terrifyed to tell him. So right now I am listening to Teardrops on My Guitar by Taylor Swift, Baby I Love You by Tiffany Alvord, Words I Couldn't Say by Leighton Meester, and What Do You Want From Me by Adam Lambert (it was sorta our song). So right when I got home from school I

100 things to draw project

Hey guys! I have this little problem... I never know what to draw! Well, I do sometimes. But rarely do. So here's  a little project I'm doing. I'll draw all these 100 things: 1. Zombies on parade 2. A Very Bad Fairy 3. Rejected Beanie Babies 4. Goldilocks and The Three Penguins 5. Thursday Addams 6. Vampires in a mall 7. Rapunzel’s first hair cut 8. Spock in love 9. Pencils have feelings, too 10. Marie Antoinette drunk 11. When shoes attack 12. Goth prom 13. Ice Princess in the summer 14. Mr. Potato Arm 15. Snow White’s new dwarves (Pushy? Hypochondriac? Brainless? Ruthless? Raggedy?) 16. William Shakespeare in the circus 17. Square Dance Cuties 18. Angry old man 19. Lumberjack in a leotard 20. Day of the Dead soap opera 21. Dancing banana 22. Soccer moms gone bad 23. Glamour Don’t 24. Food with a face 25. Little girl with a pet monster 26. Kitten Conductors 27. Renaissance Faire rejects 28. Two-headed