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New Buys (books)

Hey Guys! So here are my new buys (books): Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink Circle of Fire by Michelle Zink So, when I bought these books I used my 100 riyals Virgin gift certificate (since I bought it from Virgin) but still had to pay 59 riyals! Isn't that crazy? For just 3 books it costs 159! So the price of Shatter Me was 42. The price for Prophecy of the Sisters was 38. The price for Circle of Fire was 79! Guess what else went wrong? After I bought the three books I found out Prophecy of the Sisters and Circle of Fire were in a series! Prophecy of the Sisters is the first book. Circle of Fire is not the second, but the THIRD! I got so upset. I knew there was something similar in between them but I didn't realize that Circle of Fire would be the third book while Prophecy of the Sisters was the first! Well I can't read Circle of Fire until I find the second book. -_- I also decided that I'm not going to start readi

Hunger Games Review

Hey! I finished Hunger Games!!! It brings me to tears. Well, here is my review for it: The book was amazing! The love triangle between Peeta, Gale, and Katniss is amazing. It's so hard to decide who she should be with! It's driving me crazy to find out who she picks. All the characters are indescribable. No words - that I know of - can fit them, it'll take all the words I can think of. Rue's death crushed my heart, I cried and cried. I wanted her to live, but also didn't want Katniss to have to kill her. When they announced that two tributes from the same district could live I got so excited with hope! My heart swelled with joy when Katniss fell in love with Peeta. Their feelings are so confusing and complicated. It's as if they were meant to be, but then what about Gale? Where does he fit? It seems that Katniss was also meant to be with Gale. Did this book meet my high expectations? Yes it obviously did! I can't wait to get my hands on the next book. :

Five review

Hey guys! I finished the book Five by Christie Rich! :D Here is my review for it: I loved the book. Amazing cliff-hanger at the end. I can't wait to read the next book. Christie Rich did an amazing job. She described everything amazingly. Everything that happened I could see vividly. Rayla is so brave and kind. I would hate to be in her position. I felt all of her emotions along with her. I just about cried at the end, even though nothing 'bad' really happened. Zach is an amazing actor. He can hide things so well. I hadn't suspected him to be the fae lord that Rayla saw before. However when he mentioned his motorcycle I knew it had to be him, but I quickly erased that thought. I wanted him to be human, but a voice in the back of my mind kept telling me he wasn't. Luke is a strong and pationate man. I would hate to be in love with him, but it would be unstoppable if we were to meet. The love triangle was amazing. I had expected Rayla to stay strong during the t

Fire Review

Hey Guys! So I finished the book Fire by Kristin Cashore (second book from the 7 Kingdoms series [Graceling]) a few minutes ago. Here is my review for it: I loved the book. Kristin did a fabulous job creating the characters and describing what's going on. I felt every emotion Fire felt and was torned by all the grief that she went through. Fire is a very strong, brave woman/monster. She is so smart and brave. I don't know how she managed to walk around with her head held high. I understood why she fell in love with Archer and dumped him. I also understood why she loved Brigan. It was heartbreaking when Archer died. I cried myself when it happened. Brigan is such a kind and sweet man. He has such a big heart. I'm suprised he is Brocker's child but it makes sense. He makes a great father - other than being away so much. Hanna is such an adorable little girl. She's strong and brave just like her father. She's lucky to have Fire as her step-mother. Just lik

Please Sign!

Hey guys! So, I made these petitions and was hoping you guys could sign. :D So here is a little bit about them and the links to sign them. Also they are as a html on the side of this blog. -----> First petition: School Uniforms . What child likes to wear uniforms? My friends and I certainly don't. There is no one in the schools that I've been to - and have a uniform - like to wear them. We believe that we all should have the right to dress. What if it is in the wash or drying and you can't go to the store to buy it? What will you do? All you can do is get in trouble. They don't accept excuses. Some schools just give you a warning. However, some schools give you detention for it! Now, who wants that?! You may just wear the wrong shoes by accident or wrong jacket. Well, there's nothing you can do about it. You're doomed! So sign this petition to get rid of the awful uniforms! Link: Second petitio

Chapter 3 - SGL

Hey guys! I finished with chapter 3 in Scarlet Gray's Life. :) Here is part of it: Scarlet Gray School went by quickly. Now it was time to leave Andrew and go face my parents. At home, I went straight to my room, kicked off my shoes, and dropped my bag off my shoulders. Only then did I notice how different my room was. Almost all my things were packed now. It didn’t look like my room anymore. The only way you could tell it is mine is by the little things that were left unpacked. My panda bear doll, Inkheart, Romeo & Juliet, my school things, my desk, my bed (including pillow and blankets), and bathroom utensils. Even Lucy and Chester’s beds were gone. They now slept on my bed. I walk over to my desk and start doing my homework. Math first. It was a worksheet with 25 questions. Not that hard. Evaluate the equations. 1.     73 – x + 21 = 34   x: 60 That was easy. I did the rest in a blur.   n: 20 , y: 58 , z: 99 , etc. Now English. Read More

Inkheart Review

Hey guys! So as you all know, I finally finished Inkheart !!! Yay! :D Here's my review for it: The story was very interesting. Meggie is a strong, smart, sweet, brave, and interesting character. She is very strong for her age and species. She is a dreamer. She finds out that she has the wonderful and awful talent that her father, Mo, has. She can read characters out of books. Fenoglio and Meggie find out how to read characters back into their stories, which is something her father has been trying to find out for a long time now. The first character she reads out of a book was Tinkerbell. Mo (Mortimer) is mature, bold, and loving. Capricorn & his men, and Dustfinger call him, Silvertongue. He is the father of Meggie. Yes, he was the one who had read Capricorn, Basta, and Dustfinger out of their book. Even so he has been trying to find out how to put them back in. He feels awful about it. Not only because his wife, Teresa, was the one who had replaced him, but because Cap

Chapter two (of Scarlet Gray's Life)

Hey guys! Here is an update - of a sort - of Scarlet Gray's Life. I've finished writing the second chapter for Scarlet Gray's Life. Splendid, isn't it! Well here is part of it. Like I did for the first chapter, you'll only be able to read part of it here. You'll need to read the rest by clicking on Read More or simply going to MissLiterati and searching for Scarlet Gray's Life. Andrew Elijah Brown I can’t wait to see Scarlet! I got her the new book she wanted, Midsummer Night’s Dream. She’ll be so happy. As I walk up the stairs to school, as usual Scarlet is the first person I see standing by our lockers waiting for me. However, this time something’s wrong. She’s not wearing her brilliant, crooked smile, she always wears. A fake one is in its place. This one doesn’t bring the sunshine in, lighting up your whole world. I rush over to her side. “What’s wrong?” I ask, examining her while tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear. She reali

Amazing News!

Hey guys! I have some amazing news - as you can tell by the title. So here's my amazing news. There are three things. First thing is, I was talking to Derrolyn Anderson (author of Between The Land And The Sea ). She would love Between The Land And The Sea to be a movie and she said, "you sound like you'd be perfect for the part"! Can you believe it?! I'm soooo excited! And the part we were talking about is Marinda!!!! :D Secondly, I was talking to Saga Berg (author of Nordic Fairies ). She is interested in making Nordic Fairies into a graphic novel in the future. She said she would love to see how my drawings of Svala and Viggo turn out. I may be able to be the artist that draws the graphic novel of Nordic Fairies !!! Third, I joined sweatdrop . There's this new story that needs an artist to draw for. I'm drawing the characters right now to see if I could be that artist!!! I'll get back to you on this as soon as possible. Just so you know it

Scarlet Gray's Life

Hey guys! I finished typing Chapter 1! I'll still edit it over and over again ofcourse, but its really good right now. :D Read it? Scarlet Gray I come home from school like every other day, but this time I found boxes all over the place. “What’s going on?” I ask my parents even though I already know the answer. “We’re moving!” My parents shout happily. I feel like someone has stabbed my heart, when my parents shouted those words, leaving an empty hole in my chest where my heart used to be. Tears start to roll down my cheek and I rub them away frustrated. The words repeat over and over again in my head. We’re moving. How could this be happening? Who, in their sane mind, could be happy about this? This is a horrible matter. I run to my room not bothering to wipe the tears of my cheeks anymore. I notice some of my things have already been packed for me. I dig in the box full of my dolls. At last I find my all time favourite doll. It was a gift from my crush and best best

Amazing Feeling

Hey guys! Do you know how amazing it is when an author reads your review? Well how about liking your review?! Well, that happened to me!!! :D First Derroyln Anderson liked my review for Between The Land and The Sea . And now Saga Berg liked my review for Nordic Fairies !!! To find out whether the author likes your review or not, or to even get it read by them, you can ask them to view it on your blog (giving them the link) or post it on a social network that they're on ( Facebook , Goodreads , Twitter , etc.). I had put mine on Blogger and Goodreads. (Quote of the day) When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object. ~ Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being Always Dream! :] ~Sammy