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New Pages

Hey guys!

I just wanted to say that I put some new pages up. The pages, which you can view to the left, are Short Bio; Book Reviews; Reading List; My Writing Process; Contact, Info, and Credits; and last but not least Home. I'm going to explain to you what each are about.

In Short Bio, its just a page thats about me. There's not much to explain about this.

In Book Review, you can see all of my book reviews that I've posted. Instead of searching through them all in here. Currently there's only one, Vampire Academy, since its the only one I've finished already. I'm working on more though.

In Reading List, you will be able to see a list of the books I'm currently reading. Next to some of the names you'll see parenthasese then a percentage. Those are the percentage that I've read of the book. Its only on some of the books, because I haven't worked out the percentage of all the books I am currently reading. I am hoping to get all the percentages up soon. This page will be updated whenever I read some more of a book or finish a book. You'll be able to see which book will be next to be reviewed.
Under the list there is this little part, I suppose its little...maybe not... Anyways, its this part where I tell you how you can suggest a book to me. You don't have to follow that way, but I'd really perfer you did.

In My Writing Process, you probably know what that's about already, just as you most likely would've for Short Bio. As most of you've guessed, its about my writing process!!! Shocking isn't it? Anyways you can post questions and ask for tips or anything in the comments on that page.

Moving on... the Contact, Info, and Credits page... Well, here I've given all the credit that someone owns. It shows ways to contact me. And info about stuff really... Yeah "stuff". See for yourself, since I have no idea what to say about the "stuff".

Finally, the Home, like most other websites and blogs, it is the main page. Also, page you're viewing this on, unless you opened this so it is its own page. You can view all my new posts there.

Well... Thats it!!! So, see ya!

(Quote of the day)
“Your lucky enough to be different, never change”
~ Taylor Swift

Always Dream! :]


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