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Between The Land And The Sea

Hey guys!

So, guess what?! I've finished Between The Land and The Sea last night!!! :D As I said I would get the review done by today. So, here it is! =)

The actions, reactions, and feelings of the characters seem realistic.
Ethan is an complicated, understanding and interesting character. He is the perfect match for Marina.
Marina develops well throughout the story. She is very mysterious. As the story goes on you find out more and more about her and start to understand her better. Marina isn't very good with opening up and sharing things with others.
I can see why Marina and Ethan are together. Their lives are so very similar. They are both extremely caring and protective with each other. They don't doubt each other and would believe whatever the other said. That I'd say is true trust and is hard to find. Their love is very strong and intimate. I must say that I love reading about them being together. I love how Megan and Cruz are always making fun of them. You can tell straight away that they have a very bumpy road ahead of them.
Cruz is very supportive and sweet. I understand his reaction from when he found out about his dad. He seems to see the best in everyone. He is able to stay grounded when people are rude to him.
Megan is understanding and seems pretty pushy. I'd say she's a bit girly. She'd be a pretty good match for Cruz.
I am actually kinda upset that Cruz and Megan didn't end up together. They'd be a cute couple. Although Cruz seems like he'd be more interested in guys, I think he and Megan would be great together.
Martin is a great father. I'm dissapointed and feel Marina's pain when he had moved her over to Aptos so he could go to Afganistan. If it were somewhere else safer, I would be furious. However it is a very dangerous place he is in, and I understand his need to protect her. Even though I am dissapointed in him moving Marina to Aptos and going somewhere else, I would be extremely mad at him if he had taking her along. For one he'd be failing his job as a father in some ways. Also we wouldn't get to read that magnificent adventure in Aptos. I'd like to congratulate him on winning the award - if he were real!!! Hahaha.
Did this book meet my high expectations? Almost, because I could guess quite some of the events that happened in the story.
Would I recommend it and who? Yes. I'd recommend it to all fantasy and romance lovers.

(Quote of the day)
“It was time to let my freak flag fly.”   
 ~ Derrolyn Anderson, Between The Land And The Sea

Always Dream! :]


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